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2021 is the Year for a Healthy Change

2021 is the year to reset, take ownership of your health and make positive changes to your lifestyle. The GPs at Our Medical Home offer advice for prioritising health in 2021.

GP advice for 2021

2021 is the Year for a Healthy Change

2021 is the year to reset, take ownership of your health and make positive changes to your lifestyle.

While we all await the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia, Our Medical Home recognises that this year it is especially important to address the health concerns or health checks that many of us missed last year.

The bulk billing GPs at Our Medical Home recommend the following steps towards a healthy change for all in 2021:

Revisit General Health

From routine medical care to mental health support, it is important to check-in with a GP on a regular basis. In particular, if you have put off any essential preventative health checks such as diabetes reviews, heart health checks and cancer screenings, ensure you come back to your GP.

To find a time that suits you, visit a medical centre that operates at extended hours and is open every day of the week, including public holidays.

Reprioritise Dental

Did you know that oral health plays an important role in your overall health? Ensuring good oral health is important as part of your general health and it can be affected by other health conditions, such as diabetes, pregnancy, heart conditions, asthma, mental health, and treatment for cancer. If you are being treated for a chronic condition, ask your GP about how to protect your oral health.

Receive Multidisciplinary Care

Medical centres with co-located services support the need for patients to a receive a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. In addition to bulk billing GPs, radiology, pathology, dental, pharmacy and allied health and specialists are available at Our Medical Home. Allied Health vary by location but most commonly include physios, dietitians, psychologists, and podiatrists.

Review Vaccinations

Before the COVID-19 vaccine rollout commences, ensure that you are up-to-date with all your other vaccines – whether childhood or adolescent vaccines or the 2021 flu vaccine. Check-in with your GP to see that you are up-to-date according to vaccine availability and the National Immunisation Program.

For ongoing and convenient access to healthcare, choose a medical centre that meets your needs this year.

Find your nearest Our Medical Home medical centre.

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