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For current patients, we offer remote consultations with quality GPs from the comfort of your own home.

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Remote consults with real GPs in our real medical centres.

Spend quality time with the same quality GP you would see in person. Patients that have attended an Our Medical centre within the last 12 months can simply join the telehealth queue via this website. Available 7am to 8pm on weekdays, and 8am to 8pm on weekends. 

Bulk billed, quality GPs

No appointment required

Phone consults available

Co-located health services

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On-demand medical care, from anywhere

Coming Soon! For the ultimate remote consultation experience, the Our Medical app is coming soon. It will offer a faster, easier experience with full video consult capabilities and automated script and referrals.

In-person versus remote consults. What’s the difference?

In-person visits offer the best standard of care for any health issue. Face to face consultations with your GP allow for physical examinations, immediate referrals (like x-rays and blood tests) and more nuanced discussions about your health and possible solutions. In-person visits should always be the priority for an initial diagnosis of a new condition or illness. Our Medical is open until 10pm every day for in-person visits. 

Remote consultations can be an option for when a face-to-face consultation isn't possible or essential – such as if the patient has flu-like symptoms, to have a follow up discussion on test results, or for repeat scripts and referrals. Telehealth can also an option for assessing whether a physical examination, and visit to your nearest Our Medical location, is required. Telehealth consults are available up until 8pm. 

"I was able to chat with my doctor on the phone without waiting very long and her knowledge and advice is always extremely helpful and comforting."

Female Patient, 55, Our Medical Cranbourne

"Prompt consultation via telehealth. Fantastic service with minimal wait time to speak to a doctor."

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"The phone consultation put my mind at ease because of the knowledge of the doctor and the clear communication"

Female Patient, 67, Our Medical Cranbourne