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How can I get a telehealth consultation?

If you're unable to attend the medical centre in person or if you're experiencing flu-like symptoms, you can join the telehealth queue online. Learn more.

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How can I get a telehealth consultation?

 Our Medical Home medical centres remains open every day to new and existing patients.

However, if you are unable to attend the centre in person or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we've now setup the option to 'join the telehealth queue' online. 

The interactive tool allows patients to join the telehealth queue online for a bulk billed consultation with the first available doctor or doctor of your choice, provided they are consulting at that time.

Existing patients of our medical centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland can join the telehealth queue online.

Checking-in to the Telehealth Queue

Tap or click the ‘Join telehealth queue’ button featured at the top of any of our medical centre pages whenever you need a telehealth consultation. This new feature supports voice-calls only, however secure video conferencing is planned to be released soon.

Telehealth button

Parents and carers will also be pleased to know that they can check-in multiple dependants into the queue, provided they are listed on the same Medicare card and also patients of the medical centre. Your GP will confirm the date of birth of any dependants at the start of your consultation. 

We take patient privacy very seriously, so when joining the queue online, you will need to pass a two-step verification process that confirms the details we have on your file and matches the verification code sent to your mobile or email.

This will also give you the opportunity to check and update your own contact details, as it's essential that we have the correct details on record. Patients are encouraged to familiarise themselves with our privacy policy and terms & conditions, if you have any questions or concerns. 

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